Chakra Energy Healing Massage 1 hour $45

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healing therapy chakra massage session

Chakra Energy Work is an amazing way to unwind, feel refreshed, and rejuvenated.  We all are made up of energy and, just like our muscles, our energy can feel can tightened up.  This can cause our energy flow to slow down.  When this happens we can feel it physically in many different ways.  We can become less focused, tired, full of worries, anxiety, and even insomnia.  These energy clogs can also lead to stress and muscle tension in different areas of our body.

I do effleurage (light massage strokes) with guided meditation and some Qigong techniques that I combined for my client to help the chakras spin and flow freely.  Its very rewarding for myself and my clients and gives the client a sense of relief and rejuvenation after the session is done.