Massage is my passion.

Growing up with family from the islands I was exposed to more natural ways of healing, through food, herbs and massage. I realized at a young age that positive touch has a lot of wonderful energy attached to it and with the knowledge of the anatomy, the muscles and their functions, and proper technique you can in fact improve the health and well being of another person.

Personal info Drewcilla Velez-Douglas El, LMT

Born In Brooklyn, New York, I love to travel. I lived abroad for almost 5 years and in Bahia, Brazil, which is where I found my true love and obsession for massage. Moving back to the states in November of 2012 I knew that therapeutic massage was the path in which I was going to build my career in. I graduated top in my class and I passed the state board exam on the last day of my program.

Licensed Massage Therapist 2014 - Present

Independent Licensed Massage Therapist 2015 - Present


Heritage College, Columbus, Ohio

Diploma in Therapeutic Massage, August 2013- August 2014

I graduated from Heritage College in 2014 at the top of my class and passed the state board exam as well while still enrolled.

Passed MBLEX August 1, 2014