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The Benefits of Prenatal Massage with Drew

I would like to say a very big thank you to the station and staff at WSYX channel 6 for having me on the show.  I had an excellent experience and such a great time during the segment. Gratitude!

Good Day Columbus segment on prenatal massage matternity massage with Drew
Good Day Columbus 3/16/2019 Columbus Ohio

During this segment we discussed the benefits of prenatal/maternity massage.  Maternity massage helps to relieve muscle aches and common joint pain.  Massage during  pregnancy can even improve labor outcome as well as new born health.  Thats always good for mommy and baby!  Massage during  pregnancy can also decrease anxiety, headaches, as well as decrease symptoms of depression and irritability.  Thats because massage releases the feel good hormones called serotonin and dopamine allowing mommy to be to feel her best.

We also discussed  some ways to relieve  back pain with Swedish relaxation massage techniques. These technique are not only best for relaxation but elevating  tension and the improvement of blood circulation as well.  Massage also can help with posture by reducing strain and stress on the working muscles and ligaments by loosening and relaxing them.

Drew LMT on Good Day Columbus demonstrating prenatal massage live

A lot of pregnant women suffer from swelling of the feet and ankles from the extra weight gain, pressure and changes that are going on in their bodies.  Prenatal massages can reduce and ease that swelling by promoting circulation.

We also talked about the best sleep positions for Mom to be.  S.O.S. or sleep on side is recommended, particularly  the left side.  side laying with knees bent with a pillow in-between  is not only comfortable but it also promotes blood and nutrients to the placenta.

Some important  information to know about prenatal massage is when is massage recommended  for expecting mothers.  As a licensed  massage therapist I always recommend  that mommy to be consult with her doctor before scheduling  a massage.  Also prenatal massage recommended  after the first trimester and thats around 15 weeks because of the risk associated with miscarriage  before  12 weeks of pregnancy.


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