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Price Menu (not including taxes)

Full body 1 hour signature Swedish massage                                          $65.00

Therapeutic/ Trigger point1 hour massage with essential oils               $70.00

Specific area ½ hour massage                                                                    $35.00
Relieves stress and tension leaving the client feeling relaxed and revitalized.

Sports and Deep Tissue 1 hour signature Massage                                  $75.00
Helps sore achy muscle and joint pain due to repetitive motion such as reps when working out and Athletic training.
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Hot Stone 1 hour signature massage                                                          $75.00
The Heated stones are used to intensify the feeling of your massage by melting away muscle tension and stiffness.
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Prenatal after 12 weeks/Postnatal after 6 weeks of delivery Massage    $65.00
Relaxes Mommy/mommy to be and baby decreasing muscle and joint pains, and reduces anxiety. 

90 minute massage

*Cupping Therapy
1 hour 20 min        $70.00 with full body massage
20 min session       $25.00 with localized massage
30 min cellulite      $30.00 massage with cups       

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Massage By Drew LMT Licensed massage Therapist

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